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May 12, 2022 - BY Admin

How do you create connections?

Hello there,

As a Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed the trending discussion on whether we need more Nigerian fintech startups.

So let’s start with some statistics, albeit conflicting. Using data from Statista, Adetola Onayemi, Norebase’s Co-founder, claims Nigeria has 144 fintech startups. Meanwhile, Yinka, Intelligence by Techpoint’s team lead, says it’s closer to and most likely over 250. This is, of course, based on the information the team has gathered so far.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe Nigeria needs more fintech startups, or do we already have enough?

Have you used an online dating platform like Tinder? What was your experience like? More importantly, did you find a genuine connection online? 😉 

Is it even possible for you to find a true connection online?

If you’ve used Tinder, you should understand how Bantaba — an African startup that provides a service similar to the matchmaking platform — works.

However, it is crucial to know that Bantaba is not another match-making platform. Instead, it connects African tech startups with African diaspora investors, mentors, and consultants. Isn’t it completely different?

When I saw the word “Bantaba” for the first time yesterday, my first thought was, “What is Bantaba again?” 😂

Nonetheless, Ogheneruemu details the startup’s journey and provides a brief history of the word “Bantaba”. If you’re Gambian, you should be familiar with it.

A history class is in order, though: Bantaba is an ancient Manding word for a large tree in the village square where elders gathered to talk about issues that affected everyone in the village.

To grasp how the word’s origin relates to the startup, Lamin Darboe (CEO) describes Bantaba as the digital version of the square-like convergence at the foot of the big village tree. But this time, it’s to help diaspora and tech startups “address the challenges back home.”

Also, Ogheneruemu discusses how the company operates and what it is, and it’s not. You certainly want to find a connection that matters to your startup, don’t you?

So, for more information on that, read it here: How to give back to the African continent, the Bantaba way

Article by: https://techpoint.africa/2022/05/12/techpoint-digest-322/